Alyson Reid from The Creamery Can

So The Creamery Can is up and running now as a brand new business and all of a sudden we are thrust into a very different life dynamic! I have learned much on the journey this far and there is still much more to learn for the future.

Like many, perhaps reading this article with a dream of launching a new business, I would say there is never the perfect, fail-safe time to start! It’s really much more about your own personal drive and ambition to make it fly than all the market research in the world. Of course it makes sense to consider the market but we have proved that if you really believe you have something to offer and you are willing to commit fully to making it a success then so it shall be. You must believe in your business, and in yourself, even when perhaps others around you don’t yet share your vision. Stay focused.

I also believe in creating community and good relationships with customers and local businesses. We are very privileged to have such a great location close to a busy main road, yet in the middle of the countryside. It’s just a total joy to meet new friends and neighbours as we get to know those we are seeking to serve. They are so much more than another customer order! We try as far as possible to cater for the specific needs of everyone who comes through our doors. They will be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome and we are genuinely delighted to see very single person and to honour their requirements. People matter – not just profit! As one customer cheerfully remarked ‘You’re like the village pub except you’re not a pub!’ We get that!

That also goes for the guys delivering everything from the groceries to the crockery, our friends at the local Post Office who help us get change – all these folks we are getting to know because this is part of who we are as a business. If we can’t cater for someone we are happy to recommend other local outlets who can. On a wider scale we are so excited for all the businesses linked into Ballymena Today because we can learn and benefit so much from working together in community, particularly with honour and mutual blessing at the core.

So above all the practical challenges and targets of launching and running your own business – and yes there are many – my main points of advice to anyone thinking of making a start is :-

  • Be clear of what your business vision is – what you want to achieve and how to get there
  • Invest not just financially but with your heart and passion. Your business will matter more to you than anyone else. It’s up to you to preserve your enthusiasm!
  • Hold true to core values of trust, integrity and respect.
  • You will be a learner continually. Don’t be afraid to fail or be offended when you do!

Personally I look forward to the launch of many more new enterprises in our town and beyond. From all our team at The Creamery Can – every success and best wishes!

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