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Welcome to Ballymena Guru

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your business idea come alive? Have you ever dreamt of being better at that one thing you love doing? Maybe you have looked at others and wondered how they managed to navigate through jobs and ideas and people and life…

Ballymena Guru is about telling those stories and helping you to learn from other peoples experience. We love our town and along with the Ballymena Today blog we want to share the good stories. The stories on Ballymena Guru will be a little different though.

These stories will often be from local people who love their work and, who have used the tools, skills and abilities they have been given to carve out something interesting and rewarding. Successful business people, young and old, dedicated people following their dreams, providing a service to their local community…. making an amazing product… all of that and more, our occasional tales will be inspiring! We hope!

We will also share stories from elsewhere around the world of similar inspiring people, other gurus who can help you and I to be better at work, life and everything in between.

Stay tuned!